SubContractors & Consultants

The success of Drash Contracting Company, LLC (Drash) and its projects is the selection of our subcontractors and association with consultants. Just as our customers want Drash to have the knowledge, experience and resources to complete their projects, we also will consider, in selecting you for our team, factors such as experience with similar project types, past performance on other projects, manpower, insurability, and financial strength.

Because we take subcontractor and consultant selection very seriously, it is important that Drash qualifies your firm, preferably in the planning phase or earlier. The more you know about Drash, and the more we know about your company, will enable all of us to work together to complete and deliver a successful project to the customer with satisfaction! If you are interested in being on the Drash team, we are providing the documents that you need to submit to us to be qualified for our projects, and those documents that you will need to accept if we contract with you. Our goal is to assemble a collaborative team that will deliver services with quality and value to our clients.

Safety during project is a top priority. Drash expects its employees, subcontractors, consultants, and others visiting the project site to adhere to safety standards. Drash expects your firm to have its own internal safety policies and training with regard to the services you provide, and we expect you to adhere to our site and safety requirements. Prior to the start of our projects, members of your staff that are going to be at the site will need to attend our site safety meetings.

Drash is currently bidding on various projects. If your firm is interested in providing services for our projects, just click on the link below to complete our Subcontractor/Consultants Information form. A copy of our Subcontractor/Consultant Agreement may be downloaded from the link below.